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The SAINTS OpenCourseware System is a blending of a number of Educational initiatives that have been fueled by the Digital revolution.

Among these, the following stand out:

          1) OpenCourseWare,      2) Flexbooks®  


       3) OpenStax                  4) Bookboon


OpenCourseWare, or OCW, is a term applied to course materials created by universities and shared freely with the world via the internet.The movement started in Germany in 1999 and took off with the launch of MIT OpenCourseWare in October 2002 and has been reinforced by the launch of similar projects at Yale, Michigan University, and the University of California Berkeley. MIT's reasoning behind OCW was to: 

 "enhance human learning worldwide by the availability of a web of knowledge."  

Since then, a number of universities have created OCW projects modeled after MIT's.

Flexbook®  is an open source textbook platform offered by the CK-12 Foundation. Launched in 2008, Flexbooks reduce the cost of textbooks for the K-12 market both in U.S and worldwide. Derived from the words “flexibility” and “textbook”, a Flexbook allows users to produce and customize content by re-purposing educational content using different modules.
FlexBooks are offered under the Creative Commons by Attribution, Share-alike, and Non-commercial license removing many of the restrictions that limit distribution of traditional textbooks.



OpenStax. <TBD>


Bookboon. <TBD>

The primary Mission of the SAINTS OpenCourseware System for Business Studies is to tailor these initiatives to developing economies where broadband internet access is limited and the electrical supply is unreliable. Thus the textbooks need to be available in as many media formats as possible, including the traditional printed versions. The challenge is to keep costs down hence the source files need to be small and the use of color illustrations kept to a minimum without impacting the educational value of the material.